Friday, January 7, 2011

Daycare Pants

So...I admit that we don't always change Grant's diaper right when we should. Now, because all his poops aren't as loud as they used to be, sometimes we don't even know when he goes. Sometimes, I hear him go and think "I'll change him in a minute" and thirty minutes later I remember. Add that to the list of reasons that I'm not going to get the Mom of the Year award. But twice this week Grant has come home in "daycare pants". These are evidently community pants. The first time it was funny. Husband pointed to them on the washer and said "He came home in that because he wrecked his clothes". I laughed. Today, I had to actually see Grant in the daycare pants. It was simultaneously hysterical and sad. This is why:

Why are the "daycare pants" not gender neutral??
We keep extra onesies at daycare for this exact reason. Why has it never occurred to me to send pants too? You can see why I found it so funny. LOOK at that outfit. My first instinct was to blame the daycare. The lady who takes over the infant room at 5:00 is...less than attentive. She makes a show of changing Grant as soon as Husband picks him up every day. So he was probably sitting in poo and that's why it came out of his diaper. But, I should have extra pants there for him because he shouldn't have to dress like a girl. Unless he wants to. But we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. So, my to do list this weekend includes buying some daycare pants for Grant that don't say "I'm the next Boy George!"

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