Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Recipe: Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

I tried another new recipe last night! I've made chicken pot pie before, this is just a different version. I got this recipe (like this recipe) from the little pamphlet stuck to the top of the Philadelphia Cooking Creme container. I am loving that stuff! This recipe only had 4 ingredients and was quite tasty. The recipe can be found HERE.

Cookin' the chicken

Addin' the veggies

Mmmm...and then the sauce

Put in a pie plate and put a premade cust on top...

And Voila! Chicken pot pie.

There was some crust over-hang so I decided to play with the dough. Husband told
me that the decoration was pointless...but I thought it looked pretty

What are you going to do with it? I'm gonna EAT UM!!!!! (That's for my sis)
  • The recipe calls for 2 cups of frozen vegetables but I used 2 cups canned vegetables. I don't like to use frozen vegetables in dishes like this because, to me, they usually taste like rubber.
  • This is a great recipe if you're looking for something comforting but not too filling. For a more complete meal, I'd suggest serving it with a salad.
  • Do not be scared by the "savory garlic" cooking creme! It was yummy and I didn't find it too garlicky.
If you decide to try the recipe, I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Yummy! I love chicken pot pies- will definitely have to turn this one.
    I'm all about canned veggies too :)


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