Monday, January 3, 2011

Grant + Cereal = Funny Faces!

Four month check up today! Grant has not gained as much weight as we thought he had. He's just under 13 pounds (was 10 pounds 5 oz. at his two month check up). I was surprised to hear that he's 25 inches long now! He's getting too big and it's not fair! But, as they say, life isn't fair. So, aside from measurements and vaccinations (always a treat) we were given the green light for solid foods! So - after a trip to the DMV to renew my expired license - I headed straight to the grocery store for the requisite rice cereal!

Please disregard the flashlight and other husband debris in the background.
It looks like instant mashed potato flakes:

Again with the husband debris...
Which you mix with formula until it's "soupy but not soupy". Oddly, I completely understood that.

 Getting ready for the big moment:

"Here comes the airplane..."


No thanks Mommy.

Evidently the spoon explodes on impact because I don't
recall getting the spoon near his nose...or anywhere near
his hair but it ended up there too.

And it pretty much continued like this:

I think he was over it before we even started. But I had to keep trying! I was so excited and he just burst my bubble. It wasn't a good day to start something like this. After being messed with by the doctor and then his shots he was a cranky little man. But we shall try again tomorrow! And after we get him used to the cereal (the pediatrician said a week or so) we can start on stage one vegetables so stay tuned for our next feeding installments!

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