Monday, January 31, 2011

Five Months

I should have done this post about a week ago! But between our routine with Grant, work being busy, both of us getting the stomach flu, and family phone calls I just didn't...well, want to. I think this is where I'm supposed to say that hate how fast Grant is growing up. And part of me does, I won't lie. I am going to miss his him being tiny. But I have to admit...he's so much fun! He's always doing something. Which can, at times, be tiring but he's also incredibly entertaining. He is now constantly implementing what I like to call Volunteer Tummy Time because he's never on his back anymore. If you put him on his back and then turn your back to him by the time you turn around he's on his tummy and scooting himself toward some toy (and eating dog hair in the doesn't matter how much we vacuum).

He's on his belly when we stick him in his matter how briefly...

And when he's playing in his gym...

And even sometimes when he sleeps (it's hard to see, but his little bum is in the air)
 So Grant's pretty much holding up his end of the bargain. Eating - check, sleeping - check, pooping - check check, peeing on mommy & daddy - check, outgrowing clothes at an alarming rate of speed - yep, that too. He takes his jobs seriously.

He's so much fun to watch when he plays. He loves the jumperoo that he got for Christmas and seems to think that jumping is required of him - jumperoo or not. After naps, his legs are immediately moving like he just can't miss a minute of play time.

Loving his jumperoo (or his jumpy as we call it)
But sometimes he just can't handle all the playtime and gives in to temptation:

Usually at this point he's good for at least an hour nap.
 We haven't weighed Grant yet but he's definitely packing on the poundage. He's indulging frequently in cereal and veggies. We've done green beans, carrots, and squash. Squash was not as well recieved as the others but after a few first spoonfuls he didn't care as long as it was in his mouth. He's wearing mostly size 6 months now but his 3 month onesies will fit him a little longer if he doesn't sprout an inch any time soon. He seems to be getting the hang of sitting up and his muscles are definitely getting stronger. And to watch him on his tummy you'd swear he's just going to take off crawling...if he'd only pick up his head. But he's evidently using that has a kick-stand. And we seem to think he may be sprouting his first teeth...he was sure acting like it tonight. Maybe if I ever end this post then I can get some sleep in case he wakes up crying!

I will leave you with some cuteness :)

5 months old!

His Nana was a big Syracuse fan.

So handsome in his big boy outfit!

He'll put his paci in his mouth...but it doesn't always go in right side up

Evidently it was a tough day at daycare

It was cold when he came home from his Grandma's, so she put this hat on him. So cute!

Grant's day of hockey on Sunday tired him out

But he woke up in time to watch the All Star Game with Daddy

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