Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby of Steel!

Today has been a very lazy day. And by lazy I mean I didn't even make an attempt to leave the house (or clean it). But hanging around the house means a day with Grant which I appreciate so much more since going back to work. He's very "Look what I can do!" lately and it was cracking me up today. He's been able to roll over for a while now but for the last couple of weeks he's remembering he can do it and that he's getting good at it. He's trying like mad to crawl but frustration kicks in when he just can't put everything together. And we're practicing sitting up and with everything that he's doing lately he's never happy being held "like a baby" unless he's sleepy. Husband's favorite thing to do is make Grant laugh. He was the first one to make him laugh and, I'll admit it, he's better at than I am.

So today I remembered an outfit that my sister bought for Grant before he was born. It's a onesie she got from Six Flags that looks like a Superman Costume - complete with a cape. The absolute ridiculousness of it makes it cute and funny at the same time. Today I decided to see if he's finally big enough for it and I was surprised to find he was! When she sent it I thought "Holy crap, that's huge"...well, he's huge (compared to the little peanut he was when he was born). Check out my Baby of Steel:

He hides that six pack at daycare...wouldn't want the older boys to get jealous

Baby of Steel! (it says so on his sleeve)

Able to scale rubbermaid bins in a single bound...

I love this kid :)


  1. I LOVE lazy days! and that onesie is way to cute...I totally need one of those!


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