Thursday, January 6, 2011

Everything You Never Wanted to Know

So, I decided to spiff up my blog a bit and I wanted to show it off. I'm still tweaking things, but feel free to let me know what you think! Anyway, I decided to do an "all about me" post for lack of anything more interesting to write about.

So here it is: Everything that's going to make you think I'm weirder than you had ever imagined.

  1. I put cheese on everything. I love it more than I can explain. Sometimes when I go out to eat, if I am craving a cheese burger I usually won't order it because they won't put enough cheese on it.
  2. I don't trust butterflies. I think they are tiny winged terrorist bent on my destruction.
  3. I like the way my dog's eyes and ears smell. My husband finds that disgusting.
  4. My inner child is actually my inner fat kid. His name is Lewis and he's 9 years old. He's overweight because his dad left and his mother's boyfriend is verbally abusive. He prefers to watch TV all day with his dog - who is also overweight.
  5. I love to bake cheesecake but I rarely enjoy eating it (unless it's from the Cheesecake Factory which doesn't really taste like cheesecake).
  6. I think my favorite food is probably a grilled cheese sandwich.
  7. Bad grammar (or mispronunciation of simple words) does not just bother me, it actually makes me angry.
  8. Every time I get really hungry I always think of the part from Willy Wonka (the real one) when Augustus says "Let me in! I'm starving!" in his chubby kid voice.
  9. I think the best feeling in the world is holding my little boy. The second best feeling in the world is when I take off my bra after I've been wearing it all day long.
  10. I despise my front teeth. I think they are so huge that people could pay me to advertise on them. But now, because Grant might have teeth like mine someday, I'm trying not to hate them so he won't hate his.
  11. If we run out of Q-tips and I can't clean my ears with them after a shower, I feel dirty all day.
  12. I like my job.
  13. My favorite dessert is ice cream. I will always choose that over any other dessert.
  14. I am a closet Martha Stewart fan.
  15. I still watch "Murder, She Wrote" and I want to be Jessica Fletcher.
  16. Four and a half years ago I had absolutely no interest in hockey. I unwillingly accompanied Husband to game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals because he promised me hot dogs if I went quietly. I was hooked before the first intermission and have been a Canes fan ever since.
  17. I DVR Keeping Up with the Kardashians and I am not ashamed. Don't judge me.
  18. I want to move to the NC mountains. Or any mountains, really.
  19. I think frozen pizza is gross.
  20. Jello makes me gag. Just watching it jiggle makes me gag.


  1. grilled chz ... YUM!

    i think the only thing that is really a supplies to me is the butterfly thing. i never knew you felt this strongly about them.

    i love your new look :0)


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