Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Solid Food: Week 3

Dinner got an upgrade! The doc said that once we are well established on cereal then we can move to stage 1 vegetables. So, cereal is going great. We've gone from not much thicker than formula to something roughly the consistency of oatmeal. I hate oatmeal. But, Grant seems to be a fan and that's all that really counts here. He gets excited now when he sees the bowl and if he's a little bit pissy when we put him in his high chair then usually the first few spoonfuls make him happy. He grabs for the spoon now like he just can't get enough and I swear he sometimes makes "Mmmmm" noises.

Everybody said "Oh, rice cereal is going to change your life. They sleep SO much better when they get food in their little belly." Um, ok. He still wakes up at 3 a.m. crying but the only difference now is that we can stick the paci back in his mouth and he'll usually go back to sleep (whereas before he needed a bottle). But I'm just pointing out that at 3 a.m. there are three people in this house...and all three are awake (although Husband usually puts out the fire and I go back to sleep...ish). It's not like he's not getting enough to eat. I honestly can't belive this child doesn't just explode when we burp him. Maybe he's just a night owl. Although, if that's the case then we're going to have to teach him to use the DVR so mommy and daddy can get some sleep. Maybe we can record some Leno for him, that always puts me to sleep.

So, on to the veggies! We started with green beans. They pretty much look like we decided to feed him what we found in his diaper. But I will point out that I got some on my hand when opening the container so I tasted them. Not bad...it tasted like green beans minus all that delicious sodium that accompanies the canned variety (no, I did not add salt to Grant's green beans).

Poopy looking green beans
He gave me a big open mouth like he was expecting his goopy rice cereal and when I stuck in the spoonful of green beans his face immediately told me "Um...that is not cereal. Oh no, what in God's name did that awful woman just shove in my mouth?"

Um...I'm not sure about this business in my mouth
He got over it pretty quick. He swallowed the first spoonful, thought about it, and then immediately started grabbing for the spoon.

I can help!

That, right there, is my favorite thing. Ever.

Oh, oh, more beans! Give me more beans!

Messy and adorable.

He finished the whole container on the first try! Yay Grant!

Tonight we did just cereal (the beans from above were last night) and I let him play with the spoon for a minute. This situation went downhill very quickly after taking this picture.
 As a side note I just want to say that this whole learning to eat with a spoon thing isn't easy. And you get so many people giving you "advice". I put that in quotations because I use that term loosely. People tell you to put the cereal in the bottle - even when the doctor tells you not to because people can't admit that they don't know more than the doctor. They tell you to mix things (like fruit) with the cereal - even when the doctor tells you not to. People like to point out things like "Your grocery bill is going to skyrocket soon!" as if you were not aware that a baby required food. And, just when I thought I'd heard it all, someone actually said to me "Oh, you better get some baby spoons. A regular spoon will cut his lip." Thanks, that's valuble advice right there. I hadn't considered baby spoons.

However, I am so proud of my little man. And I'm proud of me too...yes, that's right I'm giving myself a pat on the back. We're having fun with food and I can't wait try more vegetables with him!


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  1. All 3 of you deserve a pat on the back: Grant for cooperating & liking his veggies…you for sticking with it (& having FUN!)…and Nate for his spot-on photos!!


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