Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solid Food: Week 4

Just a few short weeks ago I was throwing baby spoons across the kitchen and declaring that Grant would never eat anything other than formula. And here we are on our second vegetable: carrots!

Since I tasted the beans, I decided to taste the carrots. Not bad!

I gave Husband the choice: carrots, squash, or sweet potatoes? He chose carrots and pointed out that Grant is likely to like the sweet potatoes best so we should probably try those last. The carrots were a hit! As with the beans, he was unsure with the first bite but quickly asked for more. His veggies are making him so big and strong!

Ummm...what is this?
Oooh...I think I like it.

More, more!
He insists on grabbing the spoon. So I let him. Then he shoves it down his throat
and gags on it. And then it ends up all over his little face.


Carrots, carrots everywhere!

How cute is he?

Grant seems to have picked up yet another cold from daycare. So, even with that giant smile on his handsome face, he wasn't in a very good mood last night. He was quite fussy after he ate. He usually acts like that when he's tired. And guess what? I was right.

He passed right out. You can't keep this kid on his back anymore. He rolls right over...
which makes his daddy very nervous at night.

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