Sunday, September 4, 2011

Irreconcilable Differences

Judge: "Why are you seeking a divorce?"
Me: "He won't kill the spider that's right outside my bathroom window."
Judge: "Excuse me?"
Me: "In my defense, judge, it's a really big spider."

I really don't like spiders. I'm not as afraid of them as I am of somethings, spiders I will actually kill. Unless, of course, they're so big that I could shake hands with them. And we have quite a few that fit that description living around our backyard. Last Sunday, after Grant's birthday party (I promise to post about that soon), Husband and his step-dad were outside fixing our minor hurricane damage.

Very minor considering what others are dealing with.

So Grant and I went out to check things out and, really, just to be in the sunlight for a minute after two straight days in the house. As soon as I rounded the corner of the house I saw a large gigantic spider hanging out between the house and A/C unit.

I took that myself, it's not something I stole from Wikipedia. I'm told that
it's called a writing spider. That creepy zig-zag thing in the web is part
of it's artwork. I've had two people tell me "Don't show it
your teeth or he'll write your name in his web!"
I said to Husband that after the roof is fixed, he can work on killing that spider. And he said "Oh, you should have seen him a couple weeks ago. He was only about half that size two weeks ago. He's been eating good." Probably a small child from the neighborhood, judging by the size of him.

Spider update: there are now two - yes TWO - large sacks near the web that make me think we're about to have a whole new generation of writing spiders living in the yard. Fantastic. Can't wait.

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