Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Year

I'm a little late with this. I've been super busy this past week and it's hard to find the time or desire to sit down at the computer. So I figured since I'm so late with Grant's one year post that I'd just wait until after the check up and do an all-in-one update :)

It's hard to believe that we've already gone from this:

One day old
To this:
One year old
According to yesterday's appointment Grant now weighs 19 pounds 9.8 ounces - which means that his daddy can continue to use the infant carrier car seat (at 22 pounds he'll reach the max) even though I think he needs to switch because - regardless of the weight requirements - he is just too big for it. He is 29 1/2 inches tall and his head measured 18 inches (if anyone cares - she said it's growing well which is all I needed to hear). We've been given the green light for whole milk which means NO MORE FORMULA. Hallelujah! That crap is expensive and I can't imagine that it tastes great because it smells terrible.

Grant is such a little man now. I've been asked recently "At what point can you call him a toddler?" And I say now. He's been ready to be a toddler for a few months now. So independent and ready to give his opinion. He is almost never fed from a spoon anymore. He always wants to feed himself and has no interest in baby food (except the Gerber ravioli - he tears that up). I do have some learning spoons that we practice with and he seems to like that.

Thanks to our trick the switch from bottle to sippy became easier and Grant only got a night time bottle until last night. He seemed ready to start moving away from that because he would only drink a couple ounces of the bottle or refuse it completely. He's always awake when I put him in the crib and puts himself to sleep, rarely waking during the night. So last night it was a sippy before bed, which he didn't want much. I'm thinking that we'll be getting him in a totally non-bottle routine very soon and - knock on wood - it seems like it won't be that traumatic.

Grant's thing right now is "uh oh". We would say it every time he fell or dropped something. When he first started to say it back we'd get so excited. He soon made the connection between "uh oh" and our big smiles. But now it's "uh oh" all the time. He throws his sippy cup on purpose so he can say "uh oh", he drops food on the floor for the dog so he can say it, and bath time has be come a 20-30 minute game of Grant throwing his bath toys on the floor finishing with -  you guessed it - "uh oh". It's really cute, though. It's hard not to say it back when he does it, but that definitely encourages him and we seem to have done enough of that in the "uh oh" department. He also loves to clap and high-five (he's so proud of his high-five). When I start saying the words to patty cake he knows he's supposed to start clapping. Same thing if I start singing "If You're Happy and You Know It". It's really amazing to realize how much he's understanding. He points to things he's curious about and seems to be trying hard to communicate with words.

Growing up so fast. Trying to be so independent. So fearless that it's scary. All boy all the time. My little guy :)

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