Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Guy PJs

When Grant came home from the hospital and was still my tiny peanut, he slept (I mean, when he slept) in a onesie and was swaddled with a receiving blanket. And when he got "too old" for that, we moved up to the sleep sack. I reluctantly switched to one-piece pajamas at Husband's insistence and that's where the PJ progression has stalled. Until recently. We went shopping a few weeks ago and, lacking the ability to find a single thing that I would willingly wear in public, I turned to baby clothes. Buying baby clothes is never painful (ok, maybe a little when you look at the tiny ones you used to buy compared to the gigantic ones you're putting in your basket) and they always fit :) However, it almost all winter stuff. Since I have been unable to convince Husband to move to Alaska, we were not yet in need of winter stuff. "We should buy something, you have that coupon they e-mailed you" Husband said. Oh, twist my arm. PJs! I thought. He never seems to have enough and they were all on sale. So I decided it was time to try some "big guy" PJs. The two piece kind without the feet in them.

They are two-piece but it's hard to tell.

Adorable. I tried to get one of him while he was sitting still - no, wait, no I didn't. Because he doesn't sit still anymore. Ever.

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