Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Daycare Call

Yesterday wasn't a great day. My morning started off with a phone call from one of our assistant commissioners. Believe me, I am low enough on the food chain at work that those kinds of phone calls are enough to make me nervous. Or at least they used to. Ever since I saw this man rudely sleeping through presentations at meetings, I'm slightly less intimidated by him. And the phone call was just so he could talk down to me and give me something extra to do because, of course, I must have nothing else to do. It all could have been done through e-mail but the guy is about 107 years old and probably doesn't really know how to use it.

Then about 10:30 came the day care pone call. "Grant's ok but he bumped his head. He wanted to look out the window and lost his balance. We wanted to let you know because he is going to have a bruise when you pick him up. We put ice on it and we've checked his eyes to make sure they're dialating properly. We just always like to let the parents know what's going on when they're kids will look different at pick-up than they did at drop-off." I appreciated the phone call and it wasn't the first of it's kind. I thanked her and told her that I understood. He hits his head at home too. I briefly wondered about them checking his eyes. He hit his head hard enough for that? I texted Husband who immediately went into Freak-Out Mode. I repeatedly had to say that if Grant wasn't ok, they would have insisted we take him to the doctor. He was happy and playing, I was sure he was fine. Husband picked him up from daycare at the usual time and promptly texted me that "Grant looks bad." I have said in the past that I rarely freak out. And rarely do I say that anything looks as bad as Nate makes it sound. It looked bad.

Bumped his head? I can't believe he didn't split it open.

I will say that he was completely Grant-like the entire night. Fussy from refusing sleep. Pissy because I tried to feed him dinner when he and all his Independence wanted to do it himself. And then, after a brief nap, ready to go for bath time. All signs point to him being ok. But that is one nasty looking bruise. Just in time for his birthday. I think he just wanted to give us one more good scare to cap off the year.

*Side note: right after lunch I had to have a first aid report filed for me. I was trying to move my chair - which is supposed to roll - closer to my desk. I moved and the chair did not. I ended up on the floor but in the process did temporary damage to my arthritisy hip trying to keep my balance. They seriously filed a first aid report for it, I guess in case I needed medical attention later. I should have just gone home when the day care lady called about Grant.


  1. Hi, new follower!

    Sounds like a hectic day! Hope the rest of your week goes well! :)

  2. Hello! Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dana from Hancockheir:
    poor little fella. and I'm totally laughing at you....about your work "fall"


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