Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making Martha Proud

I like to make things. It doesn't always - almost never - turn out the way I'd like it to. But I enjoy attempting craftiness. A few weeks ago, I decided to price a custom onesie or t-shirt for Grant to wear at his birthday party. I don't know what I expected...but I certainly wasn't expecting to pay as much for a tiny shirt he would, likely, wear that one time as I would for something new for me to wear. I couldn't do it. I'm sure it would have adorable and well crafted. But, as I've said before, I over-think and I just couldn't do it. I had talked myself into having him wear just a regular outfit that day and show off his handsomeness. But then my inner Martha Stewart said "What makes you think you can't make him something to wear?" I explained to inner Martha that I don't own a sewing machine nor do I have oodles of time. But she calmed my fears and even got me a little excited. Like said...I enjoy being crafty.

So here are my end results. First, a picture of one of the monsters on Grant's invitation (I went with a monster theme "Our little monster Grant is turning 1!" So adorable).

I had no luck finding a plain onesie that was any color other than white. So I went with a red t-shirt. I removed the pocket and washed it to remove the Wal-mart germs and to get rid of the thread holes where the pocket was. I had bought some white and black felt for the eyes and mouth. So I cut my pieces and started sewing them on. By hand. It would have been easier had I thought it through. The project was a bit of an impulse decision. But one I'm glad I made because I'm pretty happy with my results:

I can't wait to see my little monster tearing around the park in it :)

(Stay tuned for my endeavours in making the party decorations - I had "help")

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