Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Party Decorations

Another birthday post? That's what you're thinking, right? Sorry, aside from our adventures in "real food", it's what I've got going on right now. Somewhere I saw an idea for a decoration - pom pom garland. It's basically a bajillion of those yarn pom poms that everyone used to make as a kid tied to fishing line, or twine, or something. You can buy them on Etsy, but I won't. Because of course, I look at it and think "I can make that". And so begins a DIY party decoration.

I have no pictures - yet - of a finished project. Because the pom poms are still in the process of being made. My mother-in-law, bless her, came over on Saturday to help make some and now has a bunch of yarn at her house to make more in her spare time.

I actually started this amusing project two weekends ago. For some reason that I can not explain I decided to start it at the tail end of Grant's afternoon nap one day. So, of course, he woke up mid-pom pom. A diaper change and a snack behind us, I put him in baby maximum security prison and sat down to churn out some more pom poms. With the sudden realization that there was a plastic barricade between us and I was otherwise occupied with something that was not him, Grant got fussy and that quickly turned to severely unhappy. Ok, how much harm could be done by letting him run amok while I crafted?

Yarn. Apparently more fun than baby toys. (Um - yes, it's
around his neck. No, it wasn't tight around his neck. I'm
not a fabulous parent but I'm not an idiot either.)


It was everywhere. First he started pulling from the package (spool, ball, whatever) of yarn and running all over the living room and kitchen with it. But I had a bunch of loose pieces I had cut for a project that didn't work out well so I gave him that to play with too. That's what he's got in all the pictures with the orange yarn. He had so much fun with it. I can't say that I got too many pom poms made (mostly because I couldn't put the camera down) but he was so much fun to watch. Such a silly guy :)

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  1. Dana (hancockheir): I am literally laughing my ass off at this:
    "Um - yes, it's
    around his neck. No, it wasn't tight around his neck. I'm not a fabulous parent but I'm not an idiot either"

    I know this was not the point of your whole post = but really, I am laughing! and can't stop!


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