Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grant's 1st Hair Cut

Oh the day I had been dreading. The first hair cut. The only thing I had "hoped for" when I was pregnant - besides wanting a health baby - was that our little guy would have his Daddy's hair. Guess what? He does. I think that little head of blond hair is just the sweetest thing. And I knew that would make it so much harder to cut. Grant had so much hair when he was born and seems to have grown at an alarming speed. It had gotten to a point that I really wanted to cut it but he was so young then I couldn't. And in the past few months it has become shaggy but adorable. His "surfer look" as so many people have pointed out. But I did it, I made the appointment. On a Saturday so Husband could go and we could make a little event out of it.

The night before I had tried to do a mohawk on Grant, but his hair is so fine and I didn't have the right stuff. So it just looked messy:

And then Saturday morning we headed to the hair place. They put a little cape on him and he sat in my lap. He was nervous and didn't like having his hair wet down with the spray bottle but I knew things would go much worse if he washed his hair first so I nixed that. He gets his hair washed every night anyway. So with his little head damp she set to work.

He did really well. Only fussed a little but when Husband came around to one side to take more pictures Grant saw him and wanted to be held by Daddy. So we switched places.

At this point he'd had enough. So we gave him a cracker to
keep him busy until she was done.

All done! My little handsome man!

Later I tried to get him still long enough to get a good picture
of him with his new 'do. But this child is barely still for
anything anymore. Always on the go!

I have to admit that it looks so much better. And the hair cut went much better than either of had thought. We figured he'd be pitching a fit the whole time trying to get down. But until the end he did well and the girl who cut it was super patient. I'm glad it went well and I'm glad I'm happy with it. The only problem is that it makes my guy look so much older :(

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  1. Dana from Hancockheir:

    why do we always dread the first haircut? don't want to do it either....but Aydan has what we call "the homeless" look going on - real string - all diferrent lengths and no defined style or cut. gonnna have to do it I guess :(


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