Wednesday, March 7, 2012

18 Months - Pictures

Since I kind of had to scrounge for pictures for my 18 Month update, I told myself that if Grant's nose was getting better this weekend that I would make an attempt to get some better pictures.

I tried.

I didn't necessarily succeed.

I used the wagon because I was attempting to use it as a point of reference. It was about this time last year that my dear friend Elizabeth took these 6 month pictures of Grant and we used the wagon for a few of those as well. I definitely didn't get any pictures as good as she did...and I think Grant was rather irritated that the wagon was sitting still.

He looks very excited, doesn't he?

This one made me laugh. Not sure what he was doing but
I thought it was a very Indiana Jones pose.

He finally smiled a little and I was totally unprepared!

Always willing to answer the question: Grant, where's your belly?
I probably should have taken him somewhere rather than trying to do it around the house. He's much more cooperative in an unfamiliar setting and usually more willing to look at me. In our yard he's more interested in the "oof" (dog) next door or he's busy pointing and asking "Wha's at?" I eventually gave up and took him for a ride in the wagon.

Definitely on the agenda for the coming weekend: a haircut for Grant.

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