Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Great Lego Clean-Up

Back in October we took Grant to the Lego KidsFest in downtown Raleigh where not only Grant had a good time...but, being an overgrown child, I did as well. That was when we decided Grant would be getting Legos for Christmas. And did he ever. A big box from us and a big box from my sister. And when Grant decides to play with them, our living room looks like a Lego factory exploded there. And there is no telling how many of those things are currently residing underneath our living room furniture.

Lately, Grant's favorite thing to do with his Legos is build them up in a tower to see how big he can get it before it falls down. At a certain point, he likes to get his Daddy to help. So Daddy builds the tower really high and Grant stands there literally squealing with excitement.

We hear a lot from day care that Grant is very helpful with cleaning up. He puts his toys back and cleans up his place when he eats. And we see a little bit of that at home...and really need to enforce it a little more (although he does love to help with the dishes - woohoo!). So last night I wanted the Legos cleaned up. Husband and I gathered the Legos up and Grant pushed the box between the two of us - like a game - so we could get everything off the floor. And then for some reason...he thought it would be funny...

To climb in and sit in the Lego box. Seriously, have you ever stepped on a Lego? Looking at that picture of him makes my feet hurt. And he thought it was hysterical! He kept looking at us and laughing like a crazy person!

He did tip over once...which really set back the Lego clean up. But once we righted the box and re-began clean up - he got in there again! And got stuck. So we put the box up before trying to clean up anymore. But that didn't stop Grant either.

You know what? There are 400 Legos scattered around my living room floor. I gave up. We need a better box for them anyway.

P.S. I'm well aware that it seems as if my child either doesn't own or just never wears pants. Please refer to this post. I happen to think a baby/toddler in a diaper is just about the cutest thing ever. So there!

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