Thursday, March 1, 2012

18 Months

I've been putting this post off for lack of decent pictures. I was going to try to take some Sunday (when Grant actually "turned" 18 months old) but guess what? He's sick. Again. And it won't make for pretty pictures. He's got this really nasty nose thing that's going around day care and the poor child basically has a constant bloody nose. It doesn't photograph well. Perhaps this weekend I'll get some better ones. For now, you'll have to deal with some random shots from the past month.

Taken one morning while lounging in Mama & Daddy's bed
Grant had his 18 month check-up on Tuesday. He weighs 22 pounds 10 ounces (I promise we do feed him) and he's 32 1/2 inches tall. Long and lean, as the doctor put it. The best part of that whole appointment was knowing that Grant got his last shot until he's about 4 or so...yay! I'm sure he'll still hate it when we go there, but at least they won't be giving him extra reasons to hate it.

The doctor asked if Grant was saying at least three words and we both laughed because he's talking like crazy. She called him an over-achiever when I started telling her all the words he says and she put down that he has "a large vocabulary". It really seems like he knows a new word or two every day. The change in his talking from last month to this month is that he's using more than one word at a time, which is sooo cute. "All gone" when his bowl is empty. "What's that?" when he points to something. He's also associating sounds with animals. "Oof" for a dog, "Ba" for a sheep, "Woooar" for a dinosaur, and he doesn't quack yet but if you ask him what a duck says he squats down and makes wings with his arms. Cuteness :)

Grant is wide open almost all the time now. He's learning to throw quite well so if he has something that he's not supposed to and you ask him for it...he'll likely throw it at you. We're trying to discourage it (especially when it's a wooden block or one of his hard plastic toys) but he seems quite proud of it and perhaps thinks we're kidding when we tell him "no". He's still loves his books and his truck toys but is very much into coloring books and [apparently tasty] crayons.

 The doctor said we need to just go cold turkey with the pacifier. Which I'm kind of ok with but just not right now. Between the nose thing he has and he's teething...well, one thing at a time. Grant seems to be easing himself into getting rid of it too. He'll give it to us when we ask for it (most of the time) and will even take it out himself and leave it somewhere. My goal is for him to be rid of it by two years old but I'd really like it to be before then.

So that's my big update. At the doctor's suggestion, we may attempt potty training soon. She said that because of some of the stuff he's doing that he may be ready. So that may be a pretty big step coming up soon. But for now, our focus is being paci-free and also getting rid of this nasty nose thing. And a haircut - Grant's hair is out of control! Hopefully, this weekend we can get Grant a haircut and maybe he will look less like he's been in a bar brawl and I'll be able to get some good pictures of him.

Chillin with some snacks and coloring

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  1. I laughed too loud (at work!) when I read he squats and flaps his arms like a duck. I cannot wait to see this!!


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