Tuesday, March 27, 2012

19 Months

Here we are, another month older. It's so funny how much a month can change things. It seems like every time I turn around Grant seems bigger and is doing so much more than he was even last week, let alone last month.

Grant has had a haircut - finally! You would think the first one would be the worst...not so much. They seem to get worse as he gets older. This time Grant screamed like we had taken him to the doctor for shots. But at least it was quick. I feel certain this girl has done many hair cuts for kids!

Grant is talking more than ever, of course. Putting more words together. And the best part is that we're understanding him more and when he makes the connection that we are understanding what he's saying and what he wants (not that he always gets what he wants) he gets this huge smile on his face. It seems silly to say, but it's kind of amazing. We figured out that he's learning sign language at school. We figured this out after a week of Grant making this hand gesture and saying something that sounds like "mo", so I told Husband that I though he was saying and signing "more". We finally googled it and that's exactly what he was doing. And when I did it back to him and said "More?" (probably more graham cracker or something) he laughed at me and looked so proud that I understood him. So Husband and I are going to make an effort to learn some basic sign language.

So, a rather silly but big accomplishment...Grant is now eating chicken! Seems like such a small step, doesn't it? But it's kinda huge. I used to have to hide meat in meals in hopes that Grant won't realize what he's eating and spit it out. And then recently out of the blue - he ate a chicken tender! And then chicken nuggets! And even ate some of a chicken sandwich I was eating! I'm pretty excited about it...in case it wasn't obvious.

I had to break into the boxes of last year's clothes so that Grant would have stuff to wear that fits him. Sad, yes? We bought him a bunch of new shorts - size 18 months - and a bunch of new shirts - size 24 months/2T - and do you know what? The shirts fit pretty well, they're a touch long but it won't stay that way long. But the shorts literally fall to the floor. They don't even touch his waist when I put them on him. He is just so skinny. Bonus: I get extra life out of last year's clothes AND I already know how cute they look on him :)

It seems like as babies grown into toddlers they become less cuddly. Less willing to sit still for a few minutes - giving you the opportunity to grab them and squeeze them just for being cute. And obviously, their tantrums become worse - although Grant's don't seem as bad yet as some of the stories I've heard - landing them in time out more often. But it seems to be balanced out lately by the big hugs I get when I ask for them. Or the big open mouth kisses that are pretty much the sweetest thing ever. And sometimes, he'll go get a book and then come plop himself in my lap - which I love. Sometimes he wants me to read to him, sometimes he just wants to browse through it and say "Wha's at?" I can't miss him being a baby anymore...because he's just so damn fun right now!

P.S.: Grant is still very much obsessed with trucks - mostly monster trucks. We've decided to take him to Monster Jam in a couple weeks. I can't wait to see his reaction when he sees the "big trucks" in person!

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