Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Slippery Slope

I have a habit of indulging my child's fearlessness, much to Husband's dismay. Mostly when it's a Mommy & Grant trip to the park rather than a family trip to the park. I have said before that of the two of us, Husband is most definitely the worrier. I tend to let Grant explore and figure out what he can do - although I'm always right there with him.There are two parks we frequent and they're right across the street from each other, which is really convenient.

On Sunday, to take picture for Grant's 19 month update, he and I went to White Deer Park in Garner. There whey have what I refer to as "the really big slide". It's bigger than your standard park slide. It goes down a hill and then has a set of wooden steps going back up. Grant loves to slide. I think it's his favorite park attraction at the moment. And because Sunday was on and off rainy, the park - and "the really big slide" - was pretty empty. So I did it. I let him go for it - partly because Husband was not there to say "You need to go down with him!".

When I set Grant at the top of slide, excitement was just oozing out of him. So I told him to stay put and then I bolted down the hill. When I was at the bottom I told him to come on. He pushed off and down he came. I don't think anything could have wiped the grin off his face. Then he'd scoot himself off the slide and run back up the hill (completely ignoring the stairs) for more.

I let him go down a few more times, but there were some older kids hanging around to play on it and I didn't want Grant to get trampled. But hopefully we'll get back there this weekend and he'll get some more slide time. I think I might have to ride with him a time or looked like he was having an awful lot of fun!

FYI: For anyone as concerned as Husband was when I showed him the pictures, he was perfectly safe on the slide by himself. It is not a steep slide and the bottom has a long area to slow down. He did not come anywhere close (and probably couldn't even gain the amount of speed needed) to falling off the end of the slide.

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  1. that is a big slide! he looks like he is having so much fun :)


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