Friday, June 27, 2014

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren and Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week.

1) After seeing something similar on Pinterest, Friday morning I decided to try something new with my hair. I have a thingy that makes a "perfect bun" so I used that and tied it with a scarf I've had for a few months but never really used. It didn't turn out pinterest-worthy but considering I'm generally terrible at styling hair (specifically mine), I think it turned out pretty well. Husband called it "cute".

2) On Friday, Grant ended up at the doctor and was put on breathing treaments and a steroid for a nasty cough so we got to do a lot of hanging out with him over the weekend. It's never fun when he's sick, obviously, but spending some down-time with him is always nice (especially when he's feeling cuddly).
Chowing down on some shaved ice I made him.
3) I tried a new recipe for our Sunday dinner. I LOVE the Pioneer Woman and I've always had good results with her recipes. When I saw her recipe for Slice-Baked Potatoes, I knew they were going on my menu soon. SO good!
4) Monday came and I felt like Grant wasn't ready to go back to school. So we had a restful  and cuddly day at home.
Cuddling in my lap :)
5) I've managed to keep up relatively well with the running challenge I joined in May. I'm not running every day but I am going pretty often. I pretty much curse running the entire time I'm doing it and I can't seem to do more than 1.5 miles when I go but when I'm done I feel great. And if I'm being honest, I'm pretty proud of logging 26 miles in the last month.

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Stopping over from a linkup. Those potatoes look AMAZING!!! Good job on the running. Keep it up!!


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