Monday, June 23, 2014

In the Morning

The weekend was supposed to be a date weekend for us. Grant was going to spend the night with Gramma & Grandpa. Husband and I were going to go out for a nice dinner and had planned to watch a movie in our quiet house, one that didn't have any cartoon characters in it (I'm thinking it was going to be Monuments Men). But in the wee hours of Friday morning, Grant woke up with a nasty cough. Husband ended up staying home with him after the doctor's visit that put him on breathing treatments and prednisone. No one in our house was getting sleep so we definitely weren't putting the in-laws through that.

Saturday morning, Grant was much more improved. Husband went out to get us breakfast since I was too tired to took. Grant and I were hanging out on the couch just watching TV and he was talking non-stop about the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that was on. 

I rarely take pictures of Grant in the house. Not like the ones I do with him where I pick out the perfect spot and have a couple adorable outfits picked out. But Saturday morning, I decided to just take pictures of him sitting on the couch.

I loved the bedhead he had going on, he was wearing his favorite dinosaur pajamas, and his eyes looked so pretty. I didn't ask him to smile or pose for me, I just took pictures of him while he talked to me. 

My favorite! My happy boy :)

I just love hanging out with this guy! Which works out well since he wasn't able to go to school today. We're going to rest up and make sure he gets better :)

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