Friday, June 20, 2014

Mini Summer Mountain Vacation

The whole purpose of this trip was to take Grant to see Thomas the Train at Tweetsie Railroad. We had pre-paid for a vacation at this resort we like where we've stayed previously. It just made sense to book it so we could make a mini vacation out of the Thomas event. Sadly, it'll be the last time we stay there because of how they tried to force their time share stuff on us. (I could get into ALL the stuff that happened prior to our check-in but my mother-in-law reads this blog and I don't think Husband would want her to know what he said to these people. So I will leave it at this: Festiva Resorts - our stay was at their Blue Ridge Villas in Banner Elk - is a very crooked business and I would never again recommend them to someone.) 

The view from our room (during a rainy spell). It made me
sad we won't be visiting here again.
Anyway! On the drive up, we stopped at a rest stop and I grabbed a brochure for Grant about Tweetsie Railroad. 

He sat back there "reading" it to us and asked us when we were going. For the four hundredth time, we told him we were going the next day. He told us "According to this, it says we have to" I think he was just a little excited.

We tried to make the most of our time at the resort because it's a nice place to stay. They have a nice indoor pool so we hit that every night. 

This boy LOVES to swim, just like his Mama!
The day before we left, Husband had thrown his back out. Doesn't that make for a fun vacation? So when he had to rest in the room for a bit, Grant and I would go on adventures around the resort. 

We played at their little play area.
Went for some good walks.
And Grant developed a love for Tether ball and
Cornhole (he called it bean bags).
The condos there all have gas logs in the fire place and we'd never used them. It was a bit chilly at night and we liked to have them going at night. Grant would constantly pretend to be cold and bring us the remote for the logs "Here. Here you go. I'm cold."

They have a little mini golf course there too, so on our last night there we had a family game of mini golf. I firmly believe there is no one on this planet worse than me at miniature golf...and clearly our child gets his mini golf skills from me. But it was fun all the same.

Proud of himself for finally getting the ball in hole!

Showing Daddy how it's done (I love this picture)

And the next morning it was time to leave. Vacation always seems so short but it was a nice little family getaway!

We kept the door open a lot and Grant loved to go
outside to see what was going on. That morning
it was ducks on the pond.
I talked Husband into driving part of the way home on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I don't think it could ever get tired of the views on the Parkway!

I love the mountains!

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