Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Day at the Beach

Last weekend was gorgeous and Husband's aunt was still in town so we took a little day trip to the ocean. We talk about it a lot when ever she visits but never go. So the five of us (me, Husband, Grant, my mother-in-law, and Husband's aunt) packed into the truck and headed to the beach for the day. Grant could not have been more excited. 

For 2 1/2 hours (we drove a little further to a spot that is usually not too busy) Grant talked about he beach and even asked "Are we there yet?" a few times. Ever since our recent trips up to the mountains to see family, Grant has been obsessed with hotels. Once we got near the beach he happily pointed out every hotel he saw.

It turned out to be a good thing that there were so many of us...given what we packed. If you'd seen the back of the truck you would have thought we were camping out there. Perhaps because I brought a tent.

The medicine I take to keep my liver disrupting my life makes me sun burn super easy (as if I didn't do that already) so I bought a beach tent. And they made fun of me but it was awesome (and trust me, I was not the only one who ended up loving it)! It actually makes me want to go to the beach again to use it and I'm not such a beach person. 

So we got all set up and then...played. That's pretty much what you're supposed to do, eh?
Grant wanted to dig a big hole and make a mountain of sand

And then he wanted to jump on it.
Grant & Aunt Debbie fed the seagulls a couple times
Grant couldn't wait to play in the water! He loves to run up to the waves and run away like they're trying to catch him then stand there so the water could wash over his feet.

I know you can't see his face but you can still tell
how excited he is!

That was pretty much what we did all day. Play in the in the water...repeat. We had packed a lunch so we took a break from play time to eat (and then graze on chips and animal crackers when ever we needed a snack).

Break for lunch :)
At one point everyone but me had to use the bathroom so
I stayed behind to "watch our stuff"...
It turned out to be a pretty great day and Grant had a blast. I'm looking forward to next little day trip!
After he was buried in the sand once...that was all he wanted to
do! Bury him...dig him out...bury him get it.
This is what a day full of fun and no nap looks like.

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