Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Constant Picture-Taker

I am that annoying mom with the camera. The one who takes pictures of everything. The one who might get in the way a little bit. If we go somewhere and I don't feel like toting the camera, I kind of have to talk myself through it. But even without my "big camera", I always have my phone and you can bet I'm going to try to get a family picture of us (or at least of me & Grant if Husband is feeling uncooperative). 

I totally get picked on for it. For being the one always with the camera. People sarcastically telling Grant to pose or making comments to let me know it's more than a little annoying. I get it, I do.

But it's not going to stop. So...sorry annoyed people.

I think it's partly a mom thing because I wasn't like this pre-Grant. The need to document even the smallest thing. But I know it's also because of losing my parents. Things like that will mess you up in little ways that you don't even realize. Our parents did a lot with us - camping, day trips to parks or playgrounds, family vacations, picnics, camping in the backyard, etc. - but there aren't a lot of pictures. I know back then they had film and you kind of had to be choosy with those pictures. And my parents just weren't big picture takers. And my mom especially wasn't big on being IN the pictures. That wasn't a big deal then...but it is now. I have so few pictures from growing up and even less with my parents. 

Mom & me probably my favorite picture that I've got of mom
Mom and my sis - of course my sister has food all over her face
Family picture :)
Grant is so young right now that he doesn't understand, really, when I talk about my parents. And sometimes he asks questions that I don't really know how to answer. He has a teddy bear that he loves named Jazz Bear. Jazz Bear used to be mine, a present from my mom.  And I have to try very hard not to cry when I'm tucking him in at night and Grant hugs the bear and says "Jazz Bear is special. Your Mama gave him to you and now he's mine to have."  

And that is a very round-about way of explaining my neurotic constant picture-taking. I need to have pictures of all this and I need Grant to have them when he gets older. I was never a big fan of being in pictures but I make a point of it now and I don't mind it. Even the ones where I'm not looking my best :) Right now, Grant is a pretty good sport about it. I know he'll go through his anti-social-teenager-hating-life phase and not really give a crap about any of this. But I hope when he gets older, he'll appreciate not only all the memories of the fun we had but also all the pictures to go along with them.


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