Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mid-Week Baseball Fun

Husband randomly got free tickets to go see a Carolina Mudcats game from work that were good for either last night or tonight. Tonight's weather forecast wasn't good so we opted for last night. We don't normally do things like this on a week night (the game started at 7:00 which is usually when we're winding down and getting ready for bath time), we're kind of sticklers for our evening routine. But every once in a while it's fun to break things up a bit.

Our first attempt for a family baseball outing didn't go well but when we took Grant for his "birthday weekend", that one was much better. This one started out great because when we told Grant what we were doing he got excited. And when we got to the stadium, he was still excited and it pretty much continued like that. We got there just before the start of the game so we got some food, found our seats and chowed down on "dinner".

My little Yankees fan :)
Baseball game AND a hot dog? Life is good.
We had great seats and had a perfect view when Muddy the Mudcat made his entrance on his 4-wheeler (Grant, being a big fan of 4-wheelers, was pretty jazzed).

Our seats were in a perfect spot because we were right near the gate that Muddy uses when he goes on and off the field. Ever since meeting Stormy last summer at the Canes Summerfest, Grant has a soft spot for mascots so he loved seeing Muddy. Husband noticed Muddy was hanging out with his handler behind our section so we told Grant we were going to go get a snow cone, planning to try to get a picture with Muddy along the way. When I pointed out Muddy to Grant, Muddy waved at him and when Grant waved back Muddy motioned him over. Grant brought his little baseball glove so Muddy autographed it and then posed for a picture. He tousled Grant's hair as he walked away and Grant grinned real big telling me "He petted me!" It made him so happy!

Of course, after that we had to find the snow cones. One track mind when it comes to food. Totally my kid.

We didn't say for the whole game, it would have been too late. We stayed about half the game and it was a pretty good, we even got to see firework shot off when someone hit a home run. Before we left, we did hit the gift shop to get Grant a souvenir ball and ended up with a hat too. On our way to the game Grant had been telling us his favorite team was the Yankees but by the time we got home his favorite team was the Mudcats "because Muddy is my friend". 
Husband hates my love of taking family pictures where ever we go.

We had such a good time and it was a great break in our weekly routine. I can't wait to go to more games this summer!

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