Thursday, May 8, 2014

Water Balloon Fight

 Water balloons are the Devil.

Grant got water balloons in his Easter basket from Auntie maybe she's the devil. He actually got water balloons from the Easter bunny too but since we used Shauna's first, I'm just going to go ahead and blame her. On Saturday afternoon, while stirring dinner in the crockpot, I thought "Wouldn't today be a great day for a water balloon fight?" After several ridiculous attempts to fill them at the sink because I found the included nozzle to be useless, I was over it. That's when Husband found me p.o.'d in the kitchen and said "You know that nozzle is for the hose, right?" 

So things went a little smoother after that (in my defense, we never used real water balloons as kids...we just found leftover birthday balloons which are much sturdier!). I was crouched in the front yard filling balloons and getting soaked for at least 30 minutes. Once my pile of filled balloons out weighted the ones that had exploded in my face, I was feeling quite accomplished. Grant was at the window the whole time supervising "Hey what are you doing with those? That one just 'sploded! That orange one right there. You need to pick up the pieces." Very helpful. was go time. Husband came outside to watch and take pictures. He didn't think he was going to I made sure to nail him with a couple balloons :)

Grant thought we were just going to toss them around the yard. He was ecstatic when he found out he could throw them at me. They were a little tougher to break than I thought they'd be (given how many of the little bastards blew up in my face) so I had to make an effort to try to pop the ones he threw at me. He loved it!

I love this one :)

And just so yo don't think this was one-sided:

Believe me, of the three of us out there...I was the one soaked the most. How much fun we had kind of made me forget what a pain it was filling the balloons (until we were done and I had to nurse all the cuts on my fingers from tying them). And Grant had such a blast. He's never done water balloons before (that I know of) and he loved every bit. He even asked if we could do it this weekend too. I said maybe. My hands have to heal from this one first!

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