Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Stuff

So, I was feeding Grant the other day and I was looking at all of the baby stuff we have. I was clueless when I did our registries but when I think about it I really love a lot of this stuff! I asked a lot of questions to people who had been through this recently so this is stuff I would recommend if someone asked me.

Stuff we registered for:

The piece of advice that I seemed to get from everyone was "Don't get a Diaper Genie, they're awful and they smell!" but that left me with the question Well then, what the hell do I put the diapers in? A friend at work recommended the diaper champ and I LOVE it. We have absolutely loaded this thing with nasty poopy diapers and it has never once stunk up the nursery. Bonus: it takes regular trash bags so you don't have to buy their bags if you don't want to.

The bouncy seat (fisher price) has been my savior on many occasions. At my baby shower a friend told me "If it weren't for the bouncy seat some days I wouldn't have been able to shower." She was one of the women who gave helpful advice so this statement stuck in my head and it's true! Not only did this thing enable me to shower but also to eat and relax for a few minutes between feedings. There is also a matching swing we have that has been great if we just really need Grant to take a nap.

Ah, the cloth diaper. These are like gold around this house. Not to be used as a diaper (sorry planet, disposables are awesome) but as a spit rag, burp cloth, pee catcher, etc. I love them. We always have one in reach.

The Playtex Drop In bottles were recommended to me by a friend at work. They use a pre-sterilized liner that you just stick in the bottle. They are so easy and so far we have no complaints. Bonus: buy the store brand liners for half the price, they are just as good.
Stuff I wish we registered for:
The fisher price Luv U Zoo baby gym. You look at it and think "Um...$60 for that?" I was reluctant but I was willing to try anything to wear Grant out in hopes of him sleeping at night. Not only has he been entertained by it but I'm entertained just watching him. He is fascinated by the bright colors and there is even a little pillow for "tummy time".

A cool mist humidifier (this one by Crane Ultrasonic). We were told by the pediatrician to get one of these when Grant got his first case of the sniffles. I went to Target and they had a bunch of cute characters but I liked the elephant the best.

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  1. I was looking for some input for my registry..thanks!!!


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