Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

There isn't too much to write about Grant's first Christmas...the pictures speak for themselves. Basically, it was just a great day. My sister flew in from NY on Thursday to spend Christmas with us so we had a little get-together on Christmas eve and we cooked a ton of food. We all got up early Christmas morning...all except Grant. I cooked a little breakfast casserole so the three of us opened our stockings, then our presents and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast. Grant woke up soon after and opened just a couple of his presents then it was off to Grandma's for Christmas lunch. Afterwards we came home and continued to eat too much (it was there, how could we not?). Then I put together Grant's "big present" he played for a bit and eventually we all fell asleep!

Grant's first Christmas tree!
Shauna passing out stockings.

Shauna helped Brodie with his stocking which was full of
busy bones and Gourmutt's cookies!
Shauna was very excited about the socks in her stocking

We were trying to get a picture of Grant in front of the tree
but he was too distracted by all the colorful presents

So we moved the big one so that we could maybe get a shot of his face!

He's so excited!
His first present!

He's got the hang of it!

This is the only picture we have of him with the "big present". He got pretty
excited so we put down the camera and got the video camera.

PJs for Christmas!
Opening his stocking with Mommy

Fun books!
Socks, really? Santa, was I a bad boy this year?

Grant's big present was this Fisher Price jumperoo. He loved it
immediately! Once again, I think I had more fun watching him
than he did playing in it.

*Christmas side note: I just have to share this because it excited me so much. I waited until the last minute to get Grant's big present. My intention was to go out early Christmas eve to Toys R Us to buy the jumperoo. Until I found out (on Wednesday the 22nd) that it wasn't sold in stores. I decided to order it the next day and just deal with it being late. It turns out that not only did have it way cheaper than Toys R Us but I also got free two day shipping. When I checked out they gave me the option of 1 day shipping...for $3.99. You read that right. I managed to get it here in time for Christmas! And, as you can see, he loves it! I hope everyone elses Christmas was as wonderful as ours!

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  1. these pics are great. i love how excited he looks ... its almost like he knows that whatever is in that box is just for him. he is getting so big and i feel like its been forever since ive seen him. im gonna need us to get together for a post christmas coffee soon!


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