Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Have Yourself a Tacky Little Christmas

There is one thing about Christmas that I love to hate. Tacky Christmas sweaters. Every year I count the number of tacky Christmas sweaters in my division. Not the whole Dept. of Ag building...just the Vet division. The first year I was amazed at the number with 22 different tacky Christmas sweaters! The number has declined since then with only 12 so far this year. Some people know I do this, others don't. What's funny is that these people don't think they're tacky. Or, when they hear them called "tacky Christmas sweaters" they say Well, mine aren't tacky. News Flash: They're all tacky! And we laugh at your denial of this fact!

My favorite tacky Christmas sweater moment was when Elizabeth commented on our co-workers rather...um...festive ensemble. It was this horrible red sweater with a giant Christmas tree on it. With actual ornaments hanging (sewn) on the tree and therefore hanging off the sweater. Elizabeth said, with much sarcasm "This is pretty..." gesturing at the sweater. To which the wearer replied enthusiastically "Thanks!" Then Elizabeth proceeded to bat at one of the ornaments and said "If you're not careful, you're gonna get that caught on something." Honestly, just reliving that in my head makes me smile every time!
It looked a little something like this...only worse because
this one doesn't have ornaments dangling from it!

Me and Elizabeth on Tacky Christmas Sweater Day at the law
firm where we both worked. Not the job with the co-worker
mentioned in the story above :) And, yes, my Santa hat
has Minnie Mouse ears. Don't make fun...I'll cut you.

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  1. ha! great post :) i had the sweater you are wearing at one point and cant find it for the life of me. i really wish i could wear it tonight to our christmas party because that was the fancy one. LOL!


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