Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Four Months

Seriously? Four months old already? It's not fair. Nate can't wait for Grant to get older so he can play more and I almost broke down in tears when I bought him size 6 months clothes last week.

It's been an interesting month. Grant has had some kind of bronchial thing going on so we've been having to give him breathing treatments every four hours for roughly the last month. His cough seems to be getting a little better every day and we have, thankfully, gotten past the fever stage of it. He's holding his head up (although sometimes gets lazy and it bobs a little) and now we're working on sitting up! We'll get his measurements at his doctors appointment next week. Husband and I are betting on his weight. It's sad that I keep hoping that he hasn't gained that much because I'm not ready for him to out grow his car seat. My car is going to become incredibly inconvenient when I have to put a rear-facing car seat in there that I have to get him in and out of. Much easier with a baby carrier!

We're still adjusting to me being back to work. It seems like after two months we should be getting the hang of it but the morning always feels hurried. And at night it feels like we never spend enough time with Grant before he's off to bed. One of my goals for the new year is to be able to stay home with Grant. I think we're slowly warming up to our daycare (at first we hated it) but that doesn't mean that I want him there. I chose to go back to work because I actually like my job. But now I want to be home with my little man!

We had our first Christmas together! See my earlier post for pictures. It was such a great holiday for us. I managed to get the house decorated (not just the tree) and it felt very Christmasy. My sister Shauna came for the holiday and is going to miss her little nephew! All in all, we've had a good month!

Nap time!

4 months old!

He's too adorable

Grant and Mommy!

Grant sleeping with his Auntie Shauna!

Thanks for my new toy Santa!

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