Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grant Has Feet!

Well, we knew he had feet...but he seems to have just discovered that fact. His favorite thing to do lately (especially when he's on the changing table) is grab his feet, pull off his socks...and then eat them.

So here we are at 15 weeks. He's getting too big too fast! Although, he's STILL too small for the outfit I bought to bring him home in. Seriously. Anyway, his coordination is improving and it's so much fun to watch him play! He gets the most concentrated look on his face when he's grabbing for something it's just too cute. Tonight, before bed, he had such a grip on his bottle that I had to fight him to take it away so I could burp him and then inevitably get thrown up on. 

Concentrating so hard!

Playing around in his jumper!

He loves his baby gym!

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