Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secret Crush

Ok, so it won't be a secret after this. But here's the deal. I am not someone who ever desires anything that can be labeled under "electronics". Fancy smart phones? Don't care. Ipod? I have one...and I never use it (sorry Husband, I'm going to make an attempt to use it more). Fancy lap top? Ipad? No, thanks. I've always said I'd rather pick up a good book than play with one of those silly gadgets. But what if you could do both? There it is, folks. I've been fighting it but I officially want a Kindle. When they came out I said "That's stupid." When Amazon sent advertisment e-mails I said "Hmmm...I guess they're kind of cool. But who needs that?" Well, the answer is that no one needs one. But I want one and I've been lusting after them for a few months now.
Ain't it purdy?

So I've decided that I'm saving up for one. I haven't decided yet if I want the blackish-grey one or the white one. I feel so silly for wanting one but I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later. And, much like with all silly electronic gadgets...I can accessorize :) I've already found some cute covers for it like this one on etsy:

eReader Cover Book Style Amy Butler Fabric Lotus Collection Geisha Fans

Or this one (also on etsy):

Kindle or Nook Cover (Preppy Green and Pink Argyle)


  1. oh. me likes too!!! and i love that first cover :)

  2. I would bet my jeep that you have one before feb.


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