Monday, March 7, 2011

A Birthday Game for Husband

Tuesday (March 1st) was Nate's birthday. I had been bugging him about what he wanted to do for his birthday but he just kept avoiding it. He's never really gotten excited about his birthday. So Tuesday morning he said "I guess we could go to the hockey game" and that's what we did. It's hard to enjoy a hockey game when you're exhausted (as we both were)...we even missed the first goal because neither of us were really paying attention. But it was good to have a night out (Grandma came over and stayed with Grant). We've never brought a camera with us to a game so I decided to do it this time. Here are some pictures!

Happy Birthday Husband!

Here they come to warm up!

I told him to look excited...this is what I got.
Both teams out to warm up (we were in the third level but I kinda like it up there)

I took this picture for Nate...#53 is Jeff Skinner and also Nate's man-crush.
Did I mention he's 18 years old? Dirty husband.

The other side of that sign says "STAAL". She turned it around depending on which one did something noteworthy. I'm sure that both Cam Ward and Eric Staal saw her sign from way up in the third level. Oh yeah, she was there alone. Anyone surprised?

Ok, here they come for real this time!
Fight! Fight!

Cam Ward (Nate took this one - he's another favorite)

John Deere zambonis..hehehe
The breaking up of another fight...gotta love hockey!

Canes win!

We also got to go to a game Thursday night against the Buffalo Sabres. Our seats were in the middle of about 5 sections full of loud, obnoxious Buffalo fans. Nate said they must have known where I was from when I bought the tickets...and I was unsure about how to take that comment. But as I looked around me I thought "Hmmm, God must want me to get into a fight tonight". But that wasn't necessary...the Hurricanes won in overtime and those obnoxious Buffalo fans shut up pretty quick. Hooray for victory :)

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