Monday, March 14, 2011

Sippy Cup Madness

On Saturday Grant's mood - not his eating habits - seemed to have improved. I decided to try out the sippy cup. Mostly water with a little bit of apple juice. It went better than I expected. I figured the cup would be thrown all over the place (I bought "leak proof" sippy cups) but it wasn't. He either knew that it was supposed to go somewhere in the vicinity of his mouth...or, like everything else lately, he just wanted to chew on it. I'm not entirely sure how much liquid actually ended up in his mouth but he had some fun playing with it.

Ooooh...what's this?
I think there's something in there.

Now how do I get to it?

Daddy tried to help show him where to put it.

And helped him hold it there...

But he figured out that if he laid down it was much easier.

Daddy either catching him or tipping him backward to help with the flow.

When he got tired of holding it...he just clamped it between his gums.
I heart the bumbo seat.

Day 2 with the sippy cup

More of the same. He likes to prop it against something to keep it in his mouth.

But every once in a while he gets the hang of it.

 Update on the hunger strike: we're 99% sure he's teething. It can't be anything else. So it looks like we're going to have to cancel our appearance on the Maury show about anorexic babies.


  1. ha! i love the one were he got tire of holding the cup. that little guy cracks me up :)

  2. Darn! And miss being on the Maury Show?!?


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