Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Recipe: Creamy Stove-top Macaroni & Cheese

I was in need of a second new recipe for March and I was scouring the recipes I get in my e-mail everyday (literally, tons every day...I can't look at them all but I want to) for another main dish. One dish meals are my favorite like the Chicken Tetrazzini I made or the Lemon-Broccoli Rice with Chicken. But this time I decided to try a side dish. I love macaroni and cheese. Well, I love just about anything cheesy. But mac & cheese is awesome. There are about a billion different recipes for it and no matter how many times I make the same recipe, it always tastes a little bit different every time. This is a recipe that came in my e-mail from and you can find the recipe HERE

Ingredients. I've never put some of this stuff in Mac & Cheese but I was willing to try it.

Boil & drain the noodles
Making the sauce (this is right after I added the cream cheese -
cream cheese in Mac & Cheese? How can that be bad??)

Add the garlic and Worcestershire sauce

Add the cheese

Oh so cheesy!

I served it with some frozen chicken tenders which were incredibly disappointing. Do not buy Perdue frozen chicken tenders. "Made with all white meat chicken" my butt. They were gross.

  • You can use pre-shredded cheese but I prefer to buy the cheese in a brick and shred it myself. I think the pre-shredded cheese too dry and loses some of it's flavor.
  • I used WAY more cheese than the recipe called for. It called for 1 1/4 cup so I went ahead and used 2 cups. Husband tasted it and said it needed more I added 2 more cups. Yeah, I what! But I suggest starting with what the amount of cheese called for and adding what you like.
  • This recipe was super easy! Great for a weeknight. And because it's stove-top it's great if your meat dish or main dish has to cook in the oven.
  • Experiment with the noodles! I plan to make it again and I think I'm going to use a different kind of noodle. Doesn't mac & cheese taste better when you have fun noodles?
  • The recipe calls for the 1/3 less fat cream cheese but I had 2 packages of the regular stuff in my fridge. Of course it was yummy but next time I'll use the low fat stuff.
If you decide to try it, let me know! Enjoy!

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