Sunday, March 20, 2011

What the...?

Because I am so far away from home my sister is left to deal with my parent's (and Gram's) belongings. She's planning to move into my parent's house within the next month so she's been there in her free time trying to figure out what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to store. She has discovered my mother's supply of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - 13 boxes of them (2 per box makes 26 magic erasers) and her supply of disposable plates and plastic ware - some so old they had turned yellow and had to be thrown out. She found multiple open bottles of the same kinds of cleaning products which she meticulously combined because that sort of thing drives her nuts. And she has found the many, many ways in which that house will need fixing - not the least of which is the lack of insulation in the upstairs walls. But there is an explanation for all that. What there's not an explanation for is the picture (painting?) that she found behind my mom's dresser. Seriously, I think we'd both like to know where this came from:

My sister has decided to call him The Matador (is that what it is?). I sorta
think she should keep him. He's rather dashing, isn't he?


  1. I call it "conquistador"!


  2. Ummm, Senior Bandito? Oh, Senior Casanova! I have no idea if he's a matador, but she definitely has to keep him!


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