Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Think...Is He?...Yup! He's Crawling!

Ok, so I have officially decided to call what Grant is doing crawling! I’ve gotten enough opinions from experienced moms who have validated my feeling that this counts as crawling. We have a video but I have no idea how to get that crap from the video camera to the computer so these pictures are the best that I can offer. He’s been doing something like this for a little while now but I didn’t know if it counted. But late last week and over the weekend it escalated to something that seemed much more like crawling so I put him in his little Superman outfit and grabbed the camera and video camera. He starts out really well. He goes a little way actually crawling then he sort of pulls himself across the floor like he's paralyzed from the waist down. He'll usually only do it in the direction of a toy or the phone or remote (just like a man). I've tried to get him to crawl towards me and he'll start out that way but then gets distracted by something apparently more fun than me. Oh steps :)

I'm gonna get the toys!

Handsome devil getting distracted by Mommy

I wonder if Superman drooled like that as a baby
So proud of his little self (all the clapping and excitement from Mommy helped)


We took off the cape and our Baby of Steel had a power nap

So it was kind of a big weekend because Grant sort of pulled up for the first time too. What's up with all these big firsts all at once? We put him in his crib to hang out while we were getting ourselves ready for bed and apparently he wanted to know where we went. So he pulled up using the crib bumper and got up on his little knees. So cute!

Peek-a-boo, I see you
Crying because Mommy is continuing to take pictures even
though he clearly wants to be picked up.

So proud of himself, again.

Evidently he exhausted himself and passed out.
Wow! Big weekend! We were just as exhausted as Grant was. Too bad he didn't sleep better Sunday night so we could have. He ended up in bed with Mommy sometime around 1:00 a.m. "Crying it out" is a great theory...but not in the middle of the night when the early alarm clock is looming in the not-so-distant future. But the rest of the week has been better.

Some more cuteness from the weekend? Grant and I went shopping on Saturday for some summer clothes which we both need. And both got some good stuff! My favorite thing I bought? Grant's new sun hat. How cute is this?

Such a cutie :)


  1. wow! I can't believe he's crawling! that's awesome!
    wow....being mobile changes everything huh?

  2. OMG! He is such a character!!!!


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