Monday, March 14, 2011

First Fruit...

Pears. And they didn't go over well. I thought it was because he'd had such a rough time with the shots. But maybe he didn't like them? That would be a first. He's eaten every vegetable we've given him and practically begged for more. Maybe he wasn't a fan of the sweetness? Possibly. But whatever it was, he didn't finish the container. Definitely a first. When we first started real food the doctor said when he turns his head away, he's done. He never did that until the pears.

The first bite always goes in easy.


Break my heart! Look at that tear from crying
about the pain in his chubby little legs.

I don't know if I want any more.
At least I can still make him smile :)
Sleepy after such a hard day.

Mommy, I am so over these pears.
 As a side note, Grant seems to be on a hunger strike. Since his shots Thursday he's not been eating with as much enthusiasm as usual and even fights us when we give him his bottle. He's only finishing his morning bottles, the rest of the day we're lucky if he gets even 4-5 ounces in him. And last night he finished a container of vegetables (with coaxing) for the first time since Wednesday night (before the shots). Very strange and unGrant-like. We're hoping it's just a reaction to the shots or a phase that he's going through. I'm putting a call into the doctor soon but I keep asking myself...what can they do about it? How in the world do you make a 6 month old eat??

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