Monday, March 28, 2011

Seven Months

 On Saturday Grant turned seven months old! And it's been quite a month! Grant is crawling - finally! I feel like I've been telling people forever "Oh, he's almost got it". And he's pulling up...holy crap. It seems like his favorite thing to do lately is pull up on his crib bumper and then hit his head against the crib. We lowered the mattress for just this reason - it is now as low as it can go - because he was frog hopping and bashing his head into the thickest part of the crib.  It seems almost pointless to have done all that work lowering it just so he could get on his knees and keep bashing his head. If he's not doing that then he's pulling up and yelling over the side of the crib "Eh! Eh! Ba ba ba!" until someone goes to him. It's actually really cute though. Nate swears he's on the verge of saying his first word. Slow down Grant! Not too many firsts at once.

Seven months old!

It is very hard to get him to sit still for long.
 Besides the crawling and pulling up, Grant is eating his stage 2 vegetables (the mixed kind) and for fruits he's had pears, bananas, and peaches. We just started peaches on Sunday. We won't even talk about the "meat".

Hurry up with those peaches, woman! I got places to go!


So not in the mood for peaches.

Grant is also doing the sippy cup with water and a tiny bit of juice but he thinks of it more as a plaything than something that has any nutritional value. He does know to grab the handles and that the spout goes in his mouth...but after that it's just a toy.

Look Ma, no hands!
 Grant is, of course, playing a lot although it's hard to keep his mind on one thing for long. And don't leave the room for too long because you never know where he'll be when you get back (I speak from experience). 

Grant and his new toy :)
So that's that. Growing up too fast. The good thing about all this activity is that it's making him sleep better. And when he's out...he's out!

A couple random pics for your viewing pleasure:

Hi there Brodie! You're starting to get used to me, aren't you?
You kinda like me, don't you?
I love this picture. It so captures the fact that he will not do what I want him to
for pictures anymore. But how can I be mad at that face?!


  1. too cute! where did you get that bib?

    aydan shows no interest in crawling! I have a lazy baby...I'm excited for him to start...but then again...maybe just delay a little while longer :)

  2. we should try to get out boys together one day

  3. I got the bib at Target. When I saw it I laughed out loud in the store. And, yes, we should get the boys together one day!


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