Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Meat

On Wednesday night we decided to go for the first meat (and I use that term loosely): chicken & gravy. Although I should call it "chicken". I've said in past posts that I make it a point to taste whatever he eats. I feel like I should know what it tastes like and I can't really explain why. The stuff I've tasted really hasn't been bad. I didn't even mind the bananas and I don't like bananas. But this is one I wish I hadn't tasted. It did taste like chicken. The most bland, nasty chicken I've ever tasted in my life. And it was grainy. How do they make chicken grainy? Apparently Grant was of the same opinion because he didn't like it at all.

In it goes...

Wow. Look at that face.

Turning his head away from the nasty chicken

We switched back and forth between the chicken and some
veggies. This was taken while he was eating the veggies.
Pretty sure he's gagging here...

Happy it's over (and quite messy)!

 Grant ended up not finishing the chicken and I haven't been brave enough to try it again since then. It's really the first food he's flat out not liked. The other foods that he didn't finish were because he didn't feel well. We're going to try it again this weekend only because the doctor said to try new foods for 3 days (in a row - but who cares) to make sure he's not allergic. I have a feeling that the other "meats" are probably going to go just as well. This stuff is gross and he knows it. I've heard other moms say that their kids didn't eat the "meats" as well as the veggies so I'm not worried about raising a vegetarian.

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