Monday, March 28, 2011

The Most Ridiculous Diaper Ever

Over the weekend we ran some errands and Husband pointed out that we will need more diapers soon. So when he wasn't looking, I stuck a box of the Huggies jean diapers in the cart. Let me point out that when they first came out I constantly demanded to know what kind of person buys those. But as soon as I saw the display I immediately thought of how funny Grant would look crawling around on the floor in those diapers. Husband is completely against them and I am positive that this is the only box that we will buy. They truly are ridiculous. And funny.

Looking at this picture makes me think that size 3 diapers may be a hair too big.

Hahahahahaha! What in the world made them say "Hey,
we should totally make diapers that look like jeans!"
He really doesn't care what his diapers look like.
These pictures were totally worth the eye rolling I had to endure from
Husband every time I looked at the box of diapers and started laughing.

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  1. I saw those diapers in the store and thought "seriously?" what baby needs diapers that looks like jeans - 1987 is calling them back :)

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