Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Can't End Well

It doesn't. I walked past Grant's room yesterday after work where he was hanging out in his crib for a bit. I noticed something I'd never seen. His little head peaking over the side of the crib. Usually I see this:

But yesterday I saw this:

And so we learned that Grant knows how to pull up to his feet now. I was simultaneously excited and wary. Yay he's learning but oh no he's not stable enough for this. So I laid him down on the mattress and waited for him to show me how he does it. He did and as he smiled at me so proudly I saw the blood on his lip. He had, at some point, gone forward and cut the underside of his top lip. I was worried but I wasn't. He didn't seem bothered by it so I cleaned him up and let it be.

Fast forward to bedtime. Grant would not calm down enough to sleep. He was wide open. I laid him down, then I would go in a few minutes later to check on him and where was he? Standing at the side of the crib. It was an endless cycle that lasted at least an hour. As I said, this doesn't end well. A little after 10:00 I heard it. A horrible crack that made me think he fell out of the crib. And then the scream. I went in and poor little Grant was on his knees in the crib and had gone into Silent Scream Mode with the tiny shaking fists. Blood streaming down his now purple face. He had smacked his face on the crib side and given himself his first bloody nose. After semi-calming Grant, I had to semi-calm Husband ("If you're going to freak out then leave the room!"). Thankfully it was only a bloody nose and nothing worse. No broken nose, no bruises. Just tears. Pitiful, pitiful tears. But, as we all know, Mommy makes things better. I got him cleaned up, gave him a little bit of baby Advil, and a little bit of warm formula. Out like a light and slept - well, like a baby :)


  1. poor baby! how did you not freak out?! I would have been the one freaking out!

  2. awesome. He's such a maverick! Great story. One of my fav posts thus far. (not cause he got hurt...that sucked)


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