Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Some Ideas...

This Mother's Day will my first Mother's Day. Last year doesn't count even though I was pregnant. Last Mother's Day was the day that started my Mom's three weeks of hospice care before she died. I'm really looking forward to this year (you can probably tell because it's March and I'm already talking about). I'm hoping for a nice weekend so we can have a cookout at a park. My sister is coming too! She says she's looking forward to spending my first Mother's Day with me...but I think she's way more excited about seeing Grant again.

So, since it's my first...I'm rather hoping that Grant will get me a present. Is that wrong? Oh well. But since he doesn't have a job, he's going to need Husband's help (*hint hint*). I thought that I would maybe give Grant some ideas, if he needed them.

Honey Yellow Cup Cozy, Bee Wax Mug Sleeve, Knitted Cabled, Tea Coffee, Citrine Spice Cinnamon Golden Mustard Saffron Banana Egg Yolk Sun Easter Beach, fresht fttt dreamt elitett
I stole this one from my friend Elizabeth's blog. A coffee cup cozy (link HERE). I love the color of this one. I have two favorite coffee mugs and coffee cup cozy would be perfect for one of them.

NEW-Pleated-Red and White-Adjustable to Straps
I love this bag (link HERE). It's me but it's not me. It's just so cute, isn't it?

Large Ouch Pouch TM ...First Aid Travel Organizer for Car Diaper Bag Purse ( 6x8 Owl in Blue Fabric ) Baby Shower New Mom
This is for me and Grant. It's an Ouch Pouch (link HERE) for my diaper bag. I saw this on
Etsy months ago and I will probably end up buying one anyway, I just love the idea of it.
A place to keep all the stuff you need for boo-boos...even a lollipop :)

Hand Stamped Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace for Mom - Three Pendants
A mommy necklace. This seller at Etsy has lots of cute necklaces, but I love this one (link HERE).

A picnic blanket! I love this one, I found it at HERE. I plan on our family haivng a
lot of picnics. It was one of my favorite things my parents did with us as kids.

Hahahaha! Ok, so I'm kidding and I'm not. I am the person who always said "I don't care how many kids I have...I will NEVER own a minivan!" Well, here I am with one baby and I'm lusting after them. I love love love the car I have now but I can't help but dream about the convenience of a minivan. mommy fantasies :)

So those are just some things a mommy may love. I've included the link in the caption so you can go to the seller's shop on Etsy or the listing on Amazon. I love me some Amazon. Present aside, I really am looking forward to Mother's Day. I'm hoping for a pretty day, yummy food, and great company. It's going to be a good day.

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  1. Love the coffee cup cozy and the striped bag! Too bad there isn't a single woman's day :( I hope you get a great Mother's day gift!


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